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Eeger Beever™ 2131 Brush Chipper


Featuring a highly configurable platform, the Eeger Beever 2131 Brush Chipper is available in single axle, tandem axle and track configurations - making it one of the most versatile chippers in Morbark's stable of tree care equipment. With scalable horsepower, extra wide infeed opening, large diameter drum and Variable Force™ hydraulic down pressure system, the Eeger Beever 2131 Chipper is a well-equipped combination of power, performance and capacity - making this the ideal unit for residential tree services, lot clearing, vegetation management, maintenance contractors, municipalities and more.

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TorqMax™ Feed Wheel

The TorqMax™ dual feed wheel compression system provides more than 7,500 lb/ft (10,169 Nm) of material pulling force.


The 36" high x 59" wide (91.4 x 149.9 cm) infeed chute with 20.5" high x 31" wide (52.1 x 78.7 cm) throat opening allows for easy feeding of a variety of materials and reduces saw labor.

Reversing Auto-feed

The reversing auto-feed system automatically stops forward feed and briefly backs material away from the drum for optimum engine performance while chipping.

Hydraulic Down Pressure

The Variable Force™ Hydraulic Down Pressure System eliminates the use of springs and creates up to 10,000 lb (4,535 kg) of perpetual down pressure.

Track Undercarriage Option

Take the chipper to the material with a choice of 400mm rubber or steel tracks, 4.84 PSI (33.4 kPa) ground pressure, low-speed and high-speed travel ranges of 1.0 MPH and 1.8 MPH (1.6/2.9 km/h).

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Eeger Beever™ 2131 Brush Chipper
Height9' wheeled/8'9.6" tracked, 2.74 m wheeled/2.68 m tracked
Width7'8" wheeled/7'11.4" tracked, 2.31 m wheeled/3.64 m tracked
Length21'8" wheeled/17'4.2" tracked, 6.6 m wheeled/5.29 m tracked
Gross weight (approx., single axle)11,100 lb, 5,035 kg
Gross weight (approx., tandem axle)12,900 lb, 5,851 kg
Gross weight (approx., tracked)15,000 lb, 6,804 kg
Suspension (single axle)(1) 12,000 lb Torsion, (1) 5,443.1 kg Torflex
Suspension (tandem axle)(2) 8,000 lb Torsion, (2) 3,628.7 kg Torsion
Infeed opening (height x width)36" x 59" wheeled/38" x 65" tracked, 91.4 x 149.9 cm wheeled/96.5 cm x 165.1 cm tracked
Throat opening (height x width)20.5" x 31", 52.1 x 78.7 cm
Drum (width x diameter)23.5" x 37.4", 59.7 x 94.9 cm
EngineCAT, Ford, GM, Isuzu, John Deere or Perkins
Horsepower140–275 HP, 104.4–205 kW
Fuel capacity60 gallons, 227.1 L
Hydraulic capacity41 gallons wheeled/ 44 gallons tracked, 155.2 L wheeled/166.5 L tracked
Frame2" x 6" Tubular, 5.1 x 15.2 cm Tubular
Hitch2.5" Pintle, 6.4 cm Pintle
Optional tracks400 mm Rubber or Steel Tracks
Tracks ground pressure4.84 PSI, 33.4 kPa
Tracks ground speed (low/high)1.0/1.8 MPH, 1.6/2.9 km/h
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